Monday 3 April


Registration and refreshments
Exhibition Centre

Correlated Electrons 1

Chair: Prof Lesley Cohen, Imperial College London
Lecture room: P/X/001


Thin Film and Nanomagnetics I

Chair: Dr Rowan Temple, University of Leeds
Lecture room: P/L/001

10:00 (INVITED) Exotic magnetism in thin-films: strain-engineered frustrated magnets
L Bovo, University College London, UK
  Probing thermal transport and layering in disk media using scanning thermal microscopy
S Thompson, University of York, UK 
10:15   In situ TEM investigation of the magnetostructural transition in nano-scale FeRh-based thin films 
T Almeida, University of Glasgow, UK 
10:30 Muon measurements of Tb2Ti2O7 as a function of oxygen stoichiometry 
P Baker, ISIS, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK 
  Magnetic proximity-enhanced Curie temperature of Cr-doped Sb2Te3 thin films  
 L Duffy, University of Oxford/ISIS, UK
10:45 Temperature evolution of the magnetism of charge-stripe ordered La2NiO4.11 
P Freeman, University of Central Lancashire, UK
  Investigation of the exchange bias in NiO(111)/EuO(001) heterostructures  
R Aboljadayel, University of Cambridge, UK 
11:00     Heusler alloys with Tungsten seed layers for CPP-GMR junctions  
W Frost, University of York, UK


Refreshments and exhibition
Exhibition Centre


Magnetic Microscopy and Advanced Characterisation Techniques

Chair: Dr Tom Hayward, University of Sheffield
Lecture room: P/X/001


Biomagnetism and Carbon-based Materials

Chair: Dr Nicola Morley, University of Sheffield
Lecture room: P/L/001

11:45 (Invited) Ultrafast and very small: Discover nanoscale magnetism with picosecond time resolution using x-rays
H Ohldag, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA  
  Strong paramagnetism in Bacillus spores: Opportunities for novel biotechnological applications
A Ionescu, Cavendish Laboratory, UK
12:00    Experimental demonstration of swimming magneto-elastic micro-robots
M Bryan, University of Exeter, UK 
12:15    Determining the induced magnetic moment in Graphene by polarised neutron reflectivity and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism
R Aboljadayel, University of Cambridge, UK  
12:30  (Invited) Imaging magnetism with high spatial and high temporal resolution
D McGrouther, University of Glasgow, UK
  Spin relaxation 1/f noise in graphene
I J Vera-Marun, The University of Manchester, UK 
12:45      Spin polarised charge trapping at a conventional/molecular semiconductor interface
T Moorsom, University of Leeds, UK

Lunch, posters and exhibition
Exhibition Centre


High Frequency Spin Dynamics

Chair: Prof Del Atkinson, University of Durham
Lecture room: P/X/001


Computational and Theoretical Magnetism I

Chair: Prof Julie Staunton, University of Warwick
Lecture room: P/L/001

14:30 Resolving the spatial character of the non-linear spin wave ‘bullet’
T Spicer, University of Exeter, UK
  (Invited) Quantitative effect of cell size on precision in micromagnetics
N Donahue, NIST, USA

14:45 Broadband source of propagating spin waves for magnonic applications
F Mushenok, University of Exeter, UK
15:00 Effect of ferromagnetic interlayer coupling on magnetisation dynamics in [Co/Pd]-NiFe thin films using Vector Network Analyser Ferromagnetic Resonance (VNA-FMR)
A Johansson, The University of Manchester, UK
15:15 Correlating damping effects with microstructure in Fe3O4(111)/YZO thin films
C Love, University of York, UK
  Computational micromagnetics with JOOMMF
H Fangohr, University of Southampton, UK 
15:30 Probing the spin-wave dynamics of honeycomb artificial spin ice in different microstates 
D Arroo, Imperial College London, UK
  Micromagnetic simulations of the role of intergranular phases in the demagnetization process of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets
G A Fadhil, University of Sheffield, UK 
15:45 Isolated skyrmion dynamics in confined helimagnetic nanostructures 
M Beg, University of Southampton, UK
  Calculating the magneto-elastic anisotropy across grain boundary interfaces
S Westmoreland, University of York, UK
16:00 Refreshments and exhibition
Exhibition Centre

  Chair: Prof Tom Thomson, The University of Manchester
Location: Lecture room P/X/001
16:30 (Plenary) Emerging applications of nanomagnetism and spintronics from microelectronics to biomedical
B Dieny, SPINTEC, University Grenoble Alpes, France

Poster Session, Exhibition and Bierstube
Exhibition Centre

18:45 Coaches depart from outside the Exhibition Centre to the Principal Hotel, York

19:00 Conference Dinner at the Principal Hotel, York
Please note delegates who are not staying on campus will have to make their own return arrangements after the dinner

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