Tuesday 4 April


Exhibition Centre


Chair: Prof Bob Stamps, University of Glasgow


Wohlfarth Lecture - Lecture room P/X/001
New magnetic materials exploiting chiral interactions
A Thiaville, University Paris-Sud, France


Refreshments and exhibition
Exhibition Centre



Chair: Dr Katharina Zeissler, University of Leeds
Location: Lecture room P/X/001


Computational and Theoretical Magnetism II

Chair: Dr Thomas Ostler, Sheffield Hallam University
Lecture room: P/L/001

10:30 Towards standardisation of the Spin Seebeck effect for thin films: Fe3O4:Pt
L Morrison, Loughborough University, UK 
     (INVITED) Injection of sub-picosecond spin current pulses in semiconductors: the path to the future THz spintronics
M Battiato, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna
10:45 Magnetic proximity in the Kondo effect: Fe impurities at the YIG/Pt interface and in Pt(dFe) systems
A Westerman, University of Leeds
11:00 Investigation of interfacial spin dependent transport and magnetic proximity effect in CoFeTaB/Pt bilayers
O-O A Inyang, Durham University, UK
11:15 Anti-damping torque in spin valves incorporating a topological insulator
L Gladczuk, University of Oxford, UK
  Modern theory for the orbital magnetisation in a superconductor
J Robbins, University of Bristol, UK
11:30 Thermal activated spin transfer torque switching dynamics in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions
A Meo, University of York, UK
  Temperature dependence of magnetism in doped RCo5 compounds - an atomistic view
C Patrick, University of Warwick, UK
11:45 Controlled generation of odd-frequency superconductivity by spin-orbit coupling
N Banerjee, Loughborough University, UK
  Scaled relaxation curves in magnetic recording media
M Strungaru, University of York, UK
12:00 EPSRC Presentation - Lecture room P/X/001
Chair: Prof Rob Hicken, University of Exeter
12:15 AGM - Lecture room P/X/001
12:45 Lunch, posters and exhibition
Exhibition Centre

Electric Field and Strain Control of Magnetism

Chair: Dr Andrew Rushforth, University of Nottingham
Lecture room P/X/001


Correlated Electrons II

Chair: Dr Christy Kinane, RAL
Lecture room: P/L/001

14:00 (INVITED) Neutron scattering as a probe of interfacial order in magnetoelectric heterostructures
B Kirby, NIST, USA
  X-ray magnetic resonant scattering on XMaS
L Bouchenoire, University of Liverpool, UK
14:15     Observation of a Griffiths-like Phase in layered canted antiferromagnet Sr2IrO4
A Rathi, National Physical Laboratory, India

14:30 Electric field-driven magnetic domain-wall motion in perpendicularly magnetised Cu/Ni multilayers
K Franke, Durham University, UK
  Characterisation of powdered low-dimensional spin-1 antiferromagnets with single-ion anisotropy
W Blackmore, University of Warwick, UK
14:45 Probing magnetic heterogeneities in magnetostrictive Fe1-xGax alloys
S Samothrakitis, University of Birmingham, UK
  Structural and magnetic properties of the doped magnetocaloric compounds (La1-xAx)0.85Ag0.15MnO3, A = Pr, Dy 
C Buhl Larsen, University of Birmngham, UK
15:00 A polarised soft X-ray study of Co-Ti substituted M-type Magnetoelectric Hexaferrites
J Beevers, University of York, UK
  Controlling the magnetocaloric properties of La(Fe,Mn,Si)13 and its hydrides with pressure
E Lovell, Imperial College London, UK
15:15 Refreshments and exhibition   
Exhibition Centre

Thin Films and Nanomagnets II

Chair: Dr Aidan Hindmarch, University of Durham
Lecture room P/X/001



Chair: Dr Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez, University of York
Lecture room: P/L/001

15:45 Skyrmion detection using electrical transport in Pt/Co/Ir multilayer disc
K Zeissler, University of Leeds, UK

(Invited)  Functionalized hybrid nanomagnets: New materials for innovations in energy storage and medical theranostics
M Farle, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

16:00 Topological lithography: Realisation of the kagome artificial spin ice ground state and 'monopoles on demand'
J C Gartside, Imperial College London, UK
16:15 Effect of the composition of an FePd alloy on the dynamics of artificial spin ice
S A Morley, University of Leeds
16:30 Investigation of dissipative magnetic solitons using x-ray holography with extended references
E Burgos Parra, University of Exeter, UK
  How to estimate local heat dissipation of interacting magnetic nanoparticles  subjected to an applied magnetic field?
C Munoz, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
16:45 X-ray detected current-driven magnetisation reversal in CoFeTaB/Pt
D Burn, Diamond Light Source, UK
  Ferromagnetic resonance and dielectric relaxation properties of core shell particles
S Hussain,  QinetiQ, UK
17:00 End of Conference

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