Confirmed exhibitors

        MANTIS and SIGMA Surface Science - Stand 6

MANTIS Deposition and our partner SIGMA Surface Science are dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-quality systems and components for cutting-edge applications in, nanotechnology, thin film deposition and surface analysis.  We enable researchers to both create and analyse thin films for new advanced materials and device development.

MANTIS specialises in nanoparticle deposition, UHV sputtering, e-beam, MBE and PLD, whilst SIGMA specialises in state-of-the-art ESCA and SPM technology with an exciting new ESCA software and advanced range of UHV surface analysis tools.  We offer a wide range of products from individual components through to bespoke multi-chamber  solutions.



Cryogenic Ltd - Stand - 7

Cryogenic Ltd continues to lead the market in cryogen free technology to the construction of high field measurement systems to 18 Tesla with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Ultra low Temperature 3D vector field magnet with temperatures down to 10 mK, interchangeable cryogen free magnet with He-3 and DR inserts, 7 Tesla magnetic capable of rapid ramp-up operation.




Oxford Instruments NanoScience - Stand 9

Oxford Instruments NanoScience designs, supplies and supports market-leading research tools that enable quantum technologies, new materials and device development in the physical sciences.  Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, cryogen free low temperature and magnetic environments, based upon core technologies in low and ultra-low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration.




Durham Magneto Optics Ltd - Stand 5

At Durham Magneto Optics Ltd we specialise in advanced scientific instrumentation for nanotechnology research and development.  Our product range includes a family of magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometers (NanoMOKE3) and a family of direct-write laser lithography machines (MicroWriter ML). 




SciMed - Stand 1

Since its founding in 1979, Scientific & Medical Products (SciMed) has been a highly successful distributor of laboratory and process equipment.  We exclusively represent a number of leading manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and have recently been appointed the distributor for several companies in France and other selected regions around Europe.  We are the sole UK distributor for the Rigaku Smartlab XRD's and XRF's.



Scienta Omicron - Stand 3

Scienta Omicron is the leading innovator in Surface Science.  the company provides top capabilities for the research community through its technology leadership in electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin film deposition.  These capabilities are available in custom tailored solutions from one source with worldwide sales and service groups. 


LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd - Stand 10

LOT-QuantumDesign are a leading supplier of Materials Science and Cryogenics instrumentation.  Visit stand 10 to discuss our range of Magnetometers and Physical Property Measurement Systems from Quantum Design and Optical Cryostats from Montana Instruments.   




Farnell element14 - Stand 2

Farnell element14 brings together fast delivery of the latest electronic products and solutions, access to industry experts, technical information and tools.   




IOP Publishing - Stand 4

IOP Publishing provides a range of journals, books, websites, magazines, conference proceedings and services through which leading-edge scientific research is distributed worldwide. IOP Publishing is central to the Institute of Physics, a not-for-profit society.  Any financial surplus earned by IOP Publishing goes to support science through the Institute's activities. 






Elliot Scientific - Stand 8

Elliot Scientific is the Lake Shore representative for the UK and Ireland. Lake Shore's products for materials research and characterization include high-sensitivity VSM and Hall Effect systems, plus cryogenic probe stations with integrated magnetic field.


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